Our Philosophy

The NOOB Institute is the custodian of a public trust – its founders would like to keep NOOB and its development as open and unfettered as possible, but they recognize that true accountability and protection for the NOOB stakeholders requires a formal legal structure, without one there would ultimately be no enforceable accountability.

Executed  By Charter


To increase trust and assurance of performance in electronic transactions


 To restrict the sharing of information about individuals without their intelligent, informed and active consent  


To return the control of transaction information to the participants in the transaction


To facilitate the use and interaction of multiple blockchains, and, in particular, to assist in the exchange of value across blockchains, not simply within them


To permit the NOOB blockchain platform to operate in multiple applications and to assure that it can provide a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account.


To nurture and preserve the value and stability of the NOOB token.